Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell


    I already loved this

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    I don’t understand when I’m talking about a musical and someone asks me “how do you make a musical about that?” Like the second longest running show on Broadway is 100% people dressed as cats believe me anything can be a musical

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    guess we all know where i’m moving now

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    Why leak nudes when you can leak the newsies national tour cast list

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    • school:   ew
    • classes:   ew
    • homework:   ew
    • hogwarts:   ayyyyyy


    musical theatre female character meme [9/15] • a female character in a comedy

    → casey  first date

    is it possible that i could be — just a tiny little bit, in a very roundabout sort of way — into him?

    Happy 1st of September!

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    "my name is kevin price. i’m nineteen years old. i’m a mormon missionary stationed in uganda. and i want to fuck orlando, florida."

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    I don’t know if this was a joke or

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    Veronica, I need your help!

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    Kristolyn Lloyd as Heather Duke

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    Michael Brown’s dad before the burial. 

    The emotion and all of the sweat…. shit is hard to look at, even if its only a picture

    I didn’t want to reblog this because it’s hard to look at, but people SHOULD see it.

    We SHOULD see a father mourning his teenage son.

    We SHOULD see how a killing like Mike’s can take a toll on not only a community, but a family.

    It’s as easy for young black men to become martyrs as it is for them to become victims. They can never just be humans. 

    We can never just be.

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    No day but today. 

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